Spetses Island – Armata Weekend


The Armata Festival culminates every second weekend of September with the feast of the chapel of Panagia Armata (the Madonna-in-arms), located near the old port lighthouse, in combination with the re-enactment of the naval battle which took place on September 8th, 1822 between the Spetsiots and the Hydriots, on one side, and the great Ottoman fleet on the other. It is said that more than 3,000 canon balls were fired that day. The Ottoman fleet retreated after their flag ship was totally destroyed by the brave Spetsiot fire boat, which was brought alongside and exploded – it was fully packed with ammunition! Today’s fireworks commemorating the event are equally impressive and produce a great spectacle. Should you want the front row berth at the Poseidonion Hotel next year you should schedule your arrival well in advance!!


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