Crew life – Winterizing in Athens

What are the options for Crew leisure time in Athens?


Apart from Athens being a metropolis itself, with countless options of museums, cultural events, all kind of sports and training as well as some of the best nightclubbing, STCW and RYA Training & seminars are available locally and crew events and casual seminars are organised regularly.
There are also many opportunities for your preferred outdoor activities, even within a short day trip from the city.
Visits to wineries, hiking and mountain biking, river rafting and kayaking, paragliding, light aircraft pilot training, themed and seasonal tours (e.g. mushroom hunting & seminars) are amongst some activities that can be arranged.
Or simply chose your weekend destination to unwind with a nice book or a romantic getaway, maybe pamper yourself with spa treatments or just follow your gastronomic desires.
Register your interests with us and we will be happy to guide you around the many opportunities.
We are passionate to make your stay in Greece special!!
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