Hellenic Customs & Chartering in Greece

Private Yachts – Non EU flag
Hellenic Customs move towards the issuance of transit logs, for private yachts under a non EU flag, with an 18-month duration – replacing the 6-month period granted previously. However they will still require proof that the user is not an EU resident with the condition that he will not be able to extend his stay in Greece for more than 6 months in any year.

Commercial Yachts chartering in Greece
Still waiting for the foreign flagged yacht’s e-register system to go live. Authorities have commented that they are working towards having it ready by next season and we hope this will be the case. The e-register will facilitate foreign flagged yachts to charter in Greece (under the conditions and restrictions of L.4256/2014) without the obligation to establish a representing company in Greece (as the case is now) but to have only a fiscal/tax representative appointed.

More notes will follow in future newsletters pertaining to the various yachting issues in Greek waters. However, if you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to forward them and we will respond with a comprehensive answer.

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