Entering from non Schengen Areas – Agents & Formalities

Have you just “landed” in Greece on your yacht and cannot wait to head for the beaches? Well, you should definitely consult your agent first about the port of entry to be used and the formalities to be completed beforehand. 

This season the entry formalities will be slightly more stringent for yachts entering Greece from non-Schengen countries. All guests will be requested to present themselves to Passport control before the yacht is cleared in the EU.

While the ease of completing formalities with all authorities is within walking distance in some ports may prove quite a hassle for guests and should be avoided as the point of entry into Greece.

In 360HYS, we always monitor the port situation around Greece and advise our Captains in advance as to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience for their guest.

Among the most complicated ports to enter are the Athens marinas and Santorini, where there is a considerable distance and expense involved in bringing the guests to passport control by mini van. In Corfu you may need to enter the commercial port first while some of the smaller ports are trouble free.

The EU, and subsequently the Greek law, provides that should the entry or exit to Schengen procedures not be followed properly, the penalties for the yacht are considerable and could result in arrests and/or multi thousand Euro fines.

Also, compliance with the SafeSeaNet reporting requirements 72/24hrs before arrival and the subsequent system reports for all movements to ports & anchorages should not be forgotten. The penalty for non compliance with the SafeSeaNet is 300 per false or non properly submitted report.

We strongly recommend to use only Officially Registered Ship & Yacht Agents and not to trust your formalities compliance with any other “professional” who claims he can assist.

Should you need more info or if you are in doubt, do no hesitate to contact us.

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