Lucien Hervé The summertime of Monsieur Le Corbusier

Lucien Hervé
The summertime of Monsieur Le Corbusier
Exhibition @ Benaki Museum 12/05/2016 – 29/05/2016

Summer in the Mediterranean Sea was a part of the idea of the modern in art and architecture, and became an expression of modern life. In 1952 the architect Le Corbusier designed a wooden hut on a beach of the Côte d’Azur, beside a simple fish restaurant, and behind the famous E1027, home of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici. The Cabanon, a room 3.66x 3.66 meters with dining in the tavern, faithfully applied the anthropometric scale of the Modulor and consisted an ideal base for holidays. In this place famous moderns have met. Among them, photographer Lucien Hervé, who enjoyed the summer of his personal friendship and casually captures a place and time. Hervé’s photographs, the drawings and sketches of Le Corbusier, the correspondence and the Cabanon itself, partly reconstructed, create a perception of life and architecture that identify the ideal and the simple.

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(source: Benaki Museum) 

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